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Welcome to eve Kennels. The kennels are state of the art and purpose built to the highest standards. We have boarding kennels and 2 maternity heated kennels. The kennels are built on of land which is fully fenced for the dogs to have full run over it to exercise and play. We also walk the dogs twice a day, morning and evening

Eve Kennels

Microchip Technology
The microchip has many uses one being for the Companion Animal Recovery (CAR) pet owners are given a new way to protect their pets. This technology can be used in any kind of animal at any age and it will last for their life. The microchip is an effective form of permanent identification. It is slightly larger than a grain of rice and is placed just under the skin by a veterinarian.
Pet Accessories
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Boarding Facilities
Our modern, spacious and temperature-controlled kennels are suitable for all breeds of dogs. From the very big to the very small An Excellent place for your dog to stay while you’re on holiday. Every sort of dog is catered for.