About Us

Welcome to eve Kennels. The kennels are state of the art and purpose built to the highest standards. There are 20 boarding kennels large, 2 maternity kennels all our kennels have piped music. The kennels are built on of land which is fully fenced for the dogs to have full run over it to exercise and play.

We specialize in improving pedigree breeds.

We also specialize in providing comfortable and stress free boarding for family dogs and working dogs alike.

Our modern, temperature-controlled kennels are suitable for all breeds of dogs. From the very big to the very small An Excellent place for your dog to stay while you’re on holiday. Every sort of dog catered for.

If you have a small pet that needs to be taken care of, we will be able to mind that pet too!!! Let your pet have a holiday while you have one too! Grooming, training and medical checkup also available. – we welcome them all.