Dog Tips

Dog Buyers
Make sure you buy your pedigree dogs or puppies from reputable breeders Check with East African Kennel Club to verify that you are dealing with a recognized registered breeder, do not be fooled by dynamic Web sites scammers will often create web sites.
You should insist to have the pedigree certificate, registration papers should be shown to you before transfers are done and remember transfers are done by the Kennel Club only.
Check that the age of the dog or puppy you are getting corresponds with the one indicated on the registration certificate, some scrupulous people will hand over any registration certificate
Feeding your Dog
Make sure your dog gets, Protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamin, mineral& water correct proportions will keep your dog healthy.
Check to see that your dog looks generally healthy, his energy level should be right for his age & breed, skin & coat should look health his stool should be firm this would confirm to you that you are feeding your dog quality food Puppies will always need high calories and essential nutrients than adult dogs puppies under 6 months of age grow rapidly you should therefore feed them 3 to 4 times a day remember that their stomachs have limited capacity.
Feed your dogs in separate dish bowls each making sure that they get clean, cool, fresh water daily make sure that water is available at all times.
Dogs love vegetables such as cauliflower, peas, zucchini, broccoli & fruits such as banana, apple & melon these make great low calorie treats. NEVER feed your dogs on Never ever feed your dog on Chocolate as it contains the obromine a toxic chemical to dogs.
Check for the sharp ends on bones when you feeding your dog, remember to remove the same from the dog when he starts eat the bone rather than chew on it
Do you know what to look out for when your dog is poisoned??
Your dog may be nervous, exited or depressed other symptoms may include trembling and convulsions, he may develop blue gums, cloudiness in the eyes, and blood streaked diarrhea. Depending upon the kind of poison ingested one or more of the above signs may be seen.
Never delay; call your vet urgently, he may request you to induce vomiting as you wait for him to arrive. Most usual emetics are hydrogen peroxide mixed with same amount of water, common table salt mixed with 2 table spoons to a cup of warm water.
Here are some of the tips to avoid common poisoning. Have your dog trained Do not let your dog chew on painted objects or lick old paint cans.
Do not let your dog sniff on insecticide especially those that contain phosphorus as this would contain phosphorous poisoning. Avoid poisoning rodent near your kennel as your dog might sample the poisoned rodent, as well know poisoned rodent will frantically look for water and may come across your dogs water leaving traces of poison.
Second hand smoke affects pests; remember animals have rights too.
Did you know that dogs get epileptic fits just like human beings. You may control this condition by giving our dog the same drugs given to human (ask your vet for the dosage) And your dog will live long and while maintain this condition.
When training your dog signals should be given to your dog using one arm only to avoid confusing your dog, never ever scold your dog for not doing too well be gentle & calm give him a break try to train him later. Keep your adult dog mind stimulated by retraining them and letting them have regular exercise.
For intelligent & energetic dogs you will need to give them extra training, exercise & teach them something new every week, this will stop them being bored & distractive this will give your dog a long healthy life.
Did you know that when you separate a dog from a pack he is used to, by either handing him over to a new home, a lot goes through his mind, the first thought and feeling is that he has been abandoned by the previous owner.
A puppy will always miss his litter mates.